Android Highlighted as an Easy Target for Scams and Malicious Apps

Android has been highlighted again in the     national media as being an easy target for Malicious apps.

Google has been criticised by Security firms such as Trend-Micro, and Bitdefender for not having  adequate safeguarding procedures.

The important message here is that malicious apps are not just an Android problem.  They have been identified on a number of mobile platforms. As more mobile devices  incorporate  NFC, and apps for mobile banking are more commonly used the risk to your data are increasing.  Mobile security needs are becoming a higher priority and the The XDA-Developers recently re-posted the following advice from this source:

You can increase security on Android from getting hacked by using security apps that scan your apps for malware.  And when downloading apps, know where it comes from and who is the provider.  Only download from secure places.  Never download cracked versions even if it’s free.  Remember to periodically clear your browsing history, cookies, and all saved data.  Use strong passwords, disable Wi-Fi auto connect, and manage application permissions.

Common sense really :)


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