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Scamming Reaches High Levels

  • Date: Mar 15, 2016
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There has been a recent upsurge in scams which involve IT and fraudulent correspondence.  The ‘CEO Fraud’ scam is complex and at present vary prevalent .  The scam can be instigated in one of two ways.  A phising email which is disguised as a genuine request for info, or through the post which appears to be from a respected client.  This is often followed by a phone call of further fake correspondence.  Hoax Slayer details the scam from a US perspective and explains “criminals…use the stolen data to commit various types of fraud and identity theft. The criminals sending the emails are using spoofing techniques to make it appear that the message was really sent by the targeted company’s CEO.” The emails received are very convincing and in many cases they are followed up by actual paper based correspondence.  Elderly people have also been targeted in the same way in relation to their savings.  A new guide has been realised by Bournemouth University which goes into depth on how the scams are operated and people targeted.

This this link to read the guide

Further info is available from Action Fraud