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My Laptop will not boot – I recently upgraded to Windows 10

  • Date: Sep 15, 2016
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Since the roll-out of Windows 10 many computer users have experienced difficulties.  Although the operating system is an excellent improvement over Windows 8, the upgrade has not been completely trouble free.  At the top of the list are the people who used the upgrade process; particularly from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  From experience, this upgrade path is more prone to problems, especially if the anniversary update (1067) has been triggered.



The main symptoms:


  • Laptop/Desktop computer will not boot
  • Displays ‘Windows recovery failed’ or ‘Windows failed to load correctly’ after numerous attempts to get the computer to load.
  • The desktop fails to operate correctly when the user gets past the login screen.  For example: Start Menu fails to work, mouse fails to operate or the computer freezes.


There are many pages on the internet which provide a number of solutions like this one.  However over time and much frustration many give up.


We have helped hundreds of customers resolve these issues.  In many cases without re-installation and at worst, completely reinstalling the latest version of Windows 10, which includes file recovery.


What we can do:


  • Pick up the laptop from your house or business – no need to bring it to us.  Let us take care of it.
  • Recover/backup files that can’t be accessed  (providing there has not been a hardware failure!)
  • Reinstall a fresh copy of Windows 10.
  • Install important applications.  In many cases we can recover Microsoft office and other application licences.
  • Move the recovered files over to the new installation.
  • Customise the installation to your particular needs.
  • Deliver the computer back to your house and test.


We have the skills and expertise to help solve you Windows 10 issues.  Call us now to book a call or get in touch for advice from the experts.  We are here to help.



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